Getting Started

These resources help you get students enrolled and working on their first write-review-revise cycle in Eli Review.

Setting Up the Eli Review App

Creating an account begins at Then, follow these steps:


  1. Create an account – learn more or create one now.
  2. Start a new course.
  3. Start your free two-week period*.
  4. Give students the course code listed in the Roster tab so that they can enroll or, if applicable, add Eli Review as an external tool in your LMS.
  5. Design tasks and assign them to students.


  1. Create an account – learn more or create one now.
  2. Join a course by supplying the unique course code provided by your instructor.
  3. If you’re a college or university student, you may need to purchase a subscription.
  4. Complete tasks assigned by your instructor.

* Free two weeks – instructors can start two weeks of free access that will give students full access to participate in courses without buying a subscription. Learn more about free two weeks.

** About subscriptions – Eli Review is a subscription-based service. Some schools purchase subscriptions in bulk for students; if not, students purchase subscriptions individually. Learn more about subscriptions or pricing.

Student Registration Resources

These resources explain to students how to create an account, join a course*, and subscribe.

*To join your course, students need to course code that appears at the top of the Roster tab in Eli Review. All of the resources below should be customized to include your specific course code.

Cut-and-Paste Language for Syllabi, Email, Handouts, Etc

This language can be copied-and-pasted directly from this page into a student document to help instruct them to sign up for Eli and get enrolled in your course.

Eli Review is an online course tool that helps us learn to get better at giving feedback and revising. These steps explain how to create an account, join a course, subscribe, and submit tasks.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “New to Eli Review? Sign up!” button to create your account. Be sure to choose the “Student” option. Consider using your school email, but any address will work.
  3. Join our course: In the box labeled “Ready to join a course?,” enter this  course code: aaaa###bbbbb

Note: be sure to customize step 3 with the roster code from your course




Incorporating Eli Review Into Your Classroom

When you invite a technology into your classroom, you invite its pedagogy too. Eli Review is both a tool and a writing pedagogy.

Ready to start using Eli Review? We are eager to consult with teachers looking to get great results with Eli Review. But, if you’re looking to get started on your own, here are three small, achievable goals, and the steps you can take to reach them:

Small, Achievable Goals Steps You Can Take
  1. Get comfortable with Eli Review.
  1. Borrow and customize tasks.
  1. Put links to student resources in your course materials.
  1. Choose one new thing try every few weeks. Eli’s got a lot of features; you don’t have to use all of them to see student learning improve.

Have any additional questions about how to use Eli Review? Contact us at [email protected].

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