Features and Benefits

Eli Review makes teaching and learning to write efficient and powerful

Benefits for Researchers: While Eli was built with the goal of improving students, the rich data it yields about review and revision provide compelling opportunities for researchers interested in writing, learning, and teaching, as well as individuals looking to better understand their own teaching.

  • Qualitative data: when reviews have comments enabled, they end up producing a large volume of student comments that are ripe for analysis.
  • Quantitative data: data about student engagement provides substantial insight into how students are interacting with their review groups and utilizing the feedback they receive.
  • Data at the review or course level: Eli produces rich, interactive reports describing the results of a single review or the aggregate data of student engagement across an entire course.
  • Downloads: Eli makes both the qualitative and quantitative data at the review and at the course level available for download so researchers can make custom queries and sorts.

Resources for Researchers

  • Research and Researchers – details of the research behind Eli and stories of research being done with Eli.
  • Research Stories – posts on the Eli Review Blog describing ongoing research using Eli data.

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If your campus suddenly shifts to remote teaching and you'd like to use Eli's online peer feedback and revision for free check out these resources