Features and Benefits

Eli Review makes teaching and learning to write efficient and powerful

Benefits for Researchers: Eli collects drafts, peer feedback, and revision plans. This data accounts for the frequency, intensity, and quality of students’ engagement in peer learning. It reveals both peer and teacher effects.

  • Qualitative data: Comments are stored full-text with indicators of quality including word count, helpfulness ratings, endorsement, and whether added to revision plan.
  • Quantitative data: Student engagement in giving, getting, and using feedback within and across reviews provides a robust picture of how well writers and reviewers are meeting expectations.
  • Data at the review or course level: Eli produces rich, interactive reports describing the results of a single review or the aggregate data of student engagement across an entire course.
  • Downloads: Instructors can download data within their courses or can request a custom export.

Resources for Researchers

  • Research and Researchers – details of the research behind Eli and stories of research being done with Eli.
  • Research Stories – posts on the Eli Review Blog describing ongoing research using Eli data.
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