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Using Feedback to Build a Revision Plan

While improving your writing is important, one of the most important things you can do to improve yourself as a writer is effectively utilize the feedback you receive from your reviewers. This is where good writing comes from – using feedback to effectively revise your writing, and that is the skill that will improve your writing.

If you’re looking for the specifics of how to use revision features, the Eli student user guide for full details. Watch the video below for a how-to, and keep reading for some best practice recommendations.

Revision Plan Best Practices

The Revision Plan is a crucial feature in Eli. Having a plan for how you’ll revise is a crucial component of producing better writing, and being able to create a plan is a skill that often sets expert writers apart from novices. Your instructor may ask you to create a revision plan as part of a revision task, but you can still make one even if it’s not required.

Some things you can keep in mind about what makes a good revision plan:

Make sure your note answers any questions your instructor posed in the revision plan prompt. Some instructors reply to your revision plans, so make sure you know when to check back for your instructor’s feedback.

You can get specific instructions on how to build a revision plan in the Eli student user guide.

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