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Eli Review is a learning technology that makes it easier for instructors to coach students in giving better feedback and revising. Fundamentally, Eli is a pedagogy. We know that Eli’s efficiencies make it possible for feedback to be a routine and powerful part of every class.

Because research shows that feedback and revision are the best ways to move the needle on learning, we care about effective use. That means we care about teacher learning too.

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We care about effective use. A learning technology is only worth your time if you have success. We partner with departments and programs to provide a full range of professional development opportunities so that instructors can use Eli to help students get better feedback and do better revision. We also offer research and assessment consultation to help you make the best possible use of the data Eli makes available.


Free and Open-Source Resources

10-15 minute readings about theory and best practice with a few videos

5-10 minute readings that connect Eli’s features with teaching tips

Curricula that include sets of tasks modeling rapid feedback cycles and can be customized


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