Features and Benefits

Eli Review makes teaching and learning to write efficient and powerful

Overview: Eli Review was designed by writing teachers frustrated by a lack of technology supporting their work. Every feature in Eli is grounded in writing and learning theory and meant to achieve these goals:

  • Easier teaching: eliminate the time-consuming work of sorting drafts and feedback and revisions, letting teachers focus on coaching students
  • Better feedback: streamlined review process gives students more opportunities to practice feedback and grow their ability to be helpful
  • Better writers: rather than focusing on copy, better feedback helps writers revise strategically and improve as writers
  • Powerful data: Eli’s patent-pending technology watches for important writer moves and gives teachers rich reports of student engagement
  • Engaging content: training modules and ready-made assignments make adopting Eli and feedback-driven classrooms easy

Improving writing at all levels.

Eli Review can been used effectively in many contexts, but its features are ideal for:

  • Teachers responsible for helping writers improve
  • Students working to grow as writers
  • Institutions looking to provide Eli to their teachers and students
  • Researchers studying their own teaching or writing and learning

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