What Is Eli Review?

Eli Review is an online course tool created by instructors for instructors to promote effective peer feedback and critical thinking.

How Eli Review Works

Step 1 : Assign your learners a task

Create tasks in Eli Review to help guide learners through projects and focus their attention on specific learning goals.
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Step 2 : Guide and give feedback

Eli allows you to create reviews, checklists, and prompts in any combination to match learning goals. You can even coordinate write-review-revise cycles to encourage more timely feedback and revision.
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Step 3 : Debrief and process feedback

You can see peer feedback in real-time, helping learners make good decisions on how to revise.
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Step 4 : Plan revision

Revision plans prompt students to reflect on feedback, making their thoughts visible for themselves and for you.
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Step 5 : Analyze and iterate

See improvement in students’ drafts, in the feedback they give and receive, and in revision plans.
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Success Stories

Real comments from inspiring instructors and learners.

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Eli helped me guide students into meaningful practice. They took more ownership of the content and their own skill development.

Jo Lien, North Idaho College

I am more in-touch with each individual student over time and can document and demonstrate growth because of Eli.

Michael Schanhals (@NMLit), North Muskegon High School

Eli requires me to be more concrete and descriptive about what I’m asking reviewers to identify and evaluate.

Tim Amidon (@timothyamidon), Colorado State University

I build Eli Review into the logic of the assignment sequences so that giving feedback and using it to revise becomes second nature.

Scott Rogers (@scottlorgers), Pacific Lutheran University

Projecting the live feed of comments allowed me to get out of students’ way while still reminding them that their work is public in our class community.

Ann Shivers-McNair (@ashiversmcnair), University of Washington

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