What Is Eli Review?

Eli Review is an online course tool created by instructors for instructors to promote effective peer feedback and critical thinking.

Step 1 : Assign your learners a task

Create tasks in Eli Review to help guide learners through projects and focus their attention on specific learning goals.
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Step 2 : Guide and give feedback

Eli allows you to create reviews, checklists, and prompts in any combination to match learning goals. You can even coordinate write-review-revise cycles to encourage more timely feedback and revision.
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Step 3 : Debrief and process feedback

You can see peer feedback in real-time, helping learners make good decisions on how to revise.
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Step 4 : Plan revision

Revision plans prompt students to reflect on feedback, making their thoughts visible for themselves and for you.
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Step 5 : Analyze and iterate

See improvement in students’ drafts, in the feedback they give and receive, and in revision plans.
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Success Stories

Real comments from inspiring instructors and learners.

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Eli provided a space so that I could be there to guide my online students through the process instead of “sending them away to write.”

Regina Chanel Rodriguez, West Texas A&M University

Two weeks into my course I had to completely revamp my weekly plan once I realized what Eli Review was capable of. Be willing to let go and dive in.

John Holland (@hollandsf), San Francisco State University

We used peer review as a way to facilitate class discussion. We got to see where everyone else was, those who were doing better and worse.

Rebecca Zantjer (@rebeccazantjer), Michigan State University

I was able to chart engagement and direct my attention to students who weren’t engaged to help them through whatever roadblock was in their way.

Lisa Schanhals (@lschanhals), Spring Lake High School

In learning how to give effective, useful feedback, students do substantive, fundamental learning about writing that will make them better writers.

Bob Yagelski (@@ryagelski), SUNY-Albany

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