What Is Eli Review?

Eli Review is an online course tool created by instructors for instructors to promote effective peer feedback and critical thinking.

Step 1 : Assign your learners a task

Create tasks in Eli Review to help guide learners through projects and focus their attention on specific learning goals.
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Step 2 : Guide and give feedback

Eli allows you to create reviews, checklists, and prompts in any combination to match learning goals. You can even coordinate write-review-revise cycles to encourage more timely feedback and revision.
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Step 3 : Debrief and process feedback

You can see peer feedback in real-time, helping learners make good decisions on how to revise.
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Step 4 : Plan revision

Revision plans prompt students to reflect on feedback, making their thoughts visible for themselves and for you.
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Step 5 : Analyze and iterate

See improvement in students’ drafts, in the feedback they give and receive, and in revision plans.
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Success Stories

Real comments from inspiring instructors and learners.

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I was able to chart engagement and direct my attention to students who weren’t engaged to help them through whatever roadblock was in their way.

Lisa Schanhals (@lschanhals), Spring Lake High School

If my students are only getting feedback from me, they’re not getting enough.

Chris Sloan (@csloan), Judge Memorial High School

Being able to do more than just write comments in the margins and do different things with feedback, these basic writers are writing more and, I think, they’re thinking about writing in some different ways.

Lynn Reid, Fairleigh Dickinson University

In learning how to give effective, useful feedback, students do substantive, fundamental learning about writing that will make them better writers.

Bob Yagelski (@@ryagelski), SUNY-Albany

Eli requires me to be more concrete and descriptive about what I’m asking reviewers to identify and evaluate.

Tim Amidon (@timothyamidon), Colorado State University

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If your course schedule asks students to write a full draft before a peer review, you can add one additional revision opportunity by asking this question: Which part of the full draft most affects its success? That’s the partial draft where peer learning can have a big impact.  Asking writers to share what they’ve written […]

Feedback Partners, Fall 2021

Eli Review is an online course tool created by instructors for instructors to promote effective feedback and critical thinking. We are working on new features to support large lecture courses enrolling 200+ students.  We are looking for partners to support the design of peer feedback activities in large lecture courses across the disciplines. Partners will […]

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July 22, 2021 thru July 22, 2021

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