Features and Benefits

Eli Review makes teaching and learning to write efficient and powerful

Benefits for Teachers: Eli saves instructors time by the simplifying the coordination hassles of peer learning and by providing powerful formative assessment and student engagement data.

Resources for Instructors

Want to get better at giving feedback? How about using your feedback to make better revisions?

Using Eli Review

Looking to learn more about how Eli Review works? Here are the practical, hands-on resources.


Learn about the research and theory driving Eli Review while designing your own writing, review, and revision tasks.


Looking to learn more about how Eli Review works? How to put it to use in your classroom? Here are the practical, hands-on resources.

Additional Resources

More materials that can help you grow your practice as a teacher, get tips and insights into how Eli Review works, or connect to humans who can help.

  • Stories – learn from fellow instructors who’ve gotten great results.
  • Eli Review Blog – posts about feedback or specific teaching examples.
  • Eli Review on YouTube – teachers talking shop and examples of Eli in action.
  • Student Resource Hub – all of Eli Review’s resources in one place.
  • Get Help – talk to Eli Review’s humans to learn more.
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