Features and Benefits

Eli Review makes teaching and learning to write efficient and powerful

Benefits for Students:  Eli guides students through submitting drafts, giving feedback, getting feedback, and using feedback to revise. It helps students focus on the criteria that matter as they learn alongside their peers.

  • Give better feedback: Eli helps teachers design review tasks so that reviewers notice criteria before rushing to evaluate. Commenting guidelines encourage reviewers to elaborate using describe-evaluate-suggest, which can persuade writers to revise.
  • Get better feedback: Writers read their feedback and make decisions about how helpful each comment was and whether they want to put the comment in their revision plan.
  • Plan better revisions: Writers prioritize their peer feedback and explain their next steps. This step encourages metacognition so that students learn to manage the writing process.

Resources for Students

Want to get better at giving feedback? How about using your feedback to make better revisions?

Using Eli Review

Looking to learn more about how Eli Review works? Here are the practical, hands-on resources.

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