Features and Benefits

Eli Review makes teaching and learning to write efficient and powerful

Benefits for Students: Eli’s primary function is to support peer learning and better writing. Eli helps students learn to provide good feedback to their peers. In some research, providing feedback has had more impact than receiving feedback. At the same time, students will receive better feedback and learn to use that feedback to make high-quality revisions. Students learn to be better writers through making effective revisions, not copyediting.

  • Get better feedback: you’ll be able to rate the feedback you receive, and coaching from your teacher will help your reviewers get better at giving you the help you need.
  • Give better feedback: Eli helps teachers model examples of effective feedback and gives students reports about how helpful their feedback was, motivating them to be more helpful.
  • Plan revisions: use your feedback to strategically plan how you’ll make your writing better, and share those plans with your teacher to get the feedback you need to revise effectively.
  • Practice, practice, practice: revision is the key to good writing, and Eli makes it easy for you to get lots of practice and build the skills needed to give, get, and use feedback effectively.
  • Become better writers: better feedback and more revision is the proven way to help writers improve, and Eli makes that as easy as possible.

Resources for Students

Want to get better at giving feedback? How about using your feedback to make better revisions?

Using Eli Review

Looking to learn more about how Eli Review works? Here are the practical, hands-on resources.

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If your campus suddenly shifts to remote teaching and you'd like to use Eli's online peer feedback and revision for free check out these resources