Pricing and Purchasing

Getting access to Eli Review is easy and affordable. We offer a free trial as well as student, bookstore, and institutional purchase options.

Free Trial

New instructors are eligible for a 2-week trial that gives students free access for 2 weeks. (Instructors always have free access.)

To learn more, check out the free-trial guide.

Direct to Student

After creating an Eli Review account and joining a course, students can select a subscription option:

  • $12.50 for a quarter (courses up to 10 weeks)
  • $25 for a semester (up to six months)
  • $40 for fall, winter, spring, and summer terms (up to a year)

To learn more, check out the subscription guide. Otherwise, sign up and get started!


Instructors can order 6-month Eli Review subscription cards (ISBN 978­0­692­47612­3) just like a textbook to be stocked in a campus bookstore. Our price to the bookstore is $25 net.

Share our bookstore information page with bookstore managers.

Direct to Institution

Institutions can purchase 12-month subscriptions at $25 per student. We offer discounted pricing above 1,000 students, 5,000 students, and 10,000 students.  Also, multi-year contracts are the best way to ensure effective use, and because of that, we are happy to negotiate.

Any institutional purchase of Eli includes professional development content, curricula, and access to help and other Eli teachers. We work closely with you to be sure instructors have multiple opportunities to learn how to make feedback and revision central to their courses.

We also provide tools for managing users and analytics as well.

To learn more about institutional purchases, contact [email protected].

Included Services

All purchases include the following additional services:

Eli Review Free Trial

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