Eli Review User Guide


Overview – How Subscriptions Work

Any Eli Review user can participate as both an instructor and a student. Using Eli as an instructor is free (there is no cost to create courses and manage tasks) but participating as a student requires a subscription.

Subscriptions vary in length but allow users to participate in an unlimited number of courses for the duration of that subscription. Students will continue to have access to their work even after a subscription ends, but they won’t be able to participate in new tasks.

There are two types of Eli Review subscriptions: individual subscriptions purchased by students, and institutional subscriptions purchased by schools or organizations.

Individual Subscriptions

When instructors individually adopt Eli Review in their classrooms, students must purchase their own subscriptions. They will be prompted to purchase a subscription when they join a course.


Purchasing a subscription takes just a few clicks (once you’ve already created an Eli Review account and joined a course):

NOTE: Some campuses have special pricing.

From here, you can choose an option for purchasing a subscription: purchasing via PayPal or redeeming a subscription code purchased in the bookstore.

Using PayPal to Pay with a Bank Account, Credit/Debit Card, or eCheck

Once you’ve clicked on a subscription option, you go to PayPal where you’ll be prompted to pay for your subscription. PayPal handles all of Eli Review’s transactions and gives you multiple options; you can:

If you have a PayPal account, you can just sign in to PayPal and use your existing bank or credit card information; if not, click “Don’t have a PayPal account?” and checkout using a credit card without signing up for PayPal.

You don't need to have a PayPal account to purchase a subscription, but if you have one, you can sign in to that account.

Payments bank accounts or credit cards will give you an instant subscription to Eli Review; payment with an e-check requires 3-5 days for PayPal to process, but you’ll be given a temporary Eli subscription that will allow you to participate in courses while the payment is processed.

You can also buy pre-paid PayPal gift cards at many office supply stores or drug stores. Purchasing and redeeming a PayPal prepaid card is very easy; see PayPal’s FAQ for additional information.

See our Subscription FAQ below for additional details about purchasing individual subscriptions via PayPal.

Subscription Codes and Access Codes

A subscription code allows students to purchase a subscription without using PayPal. Subscription codes most often come from access codes purchased in campus bookstores; students can purchase a code in a bookstore and then redeem that code for a subscription, much like a gift card.

Subscription cards have a 16-digit number that can be redeemed for a full Eli Review subscription.

Follow these easy steps to redeem a subscription code:

To order access codes for your campus bookstore, share these details with your bookstore manager.

Institutional Subscriptions

Institutions (schools, departments, etc) may purchase Eli Review subscriptions in bulk. When instructors connect their courses with an institutional purchase using a course code, students enrolling in that course are automatically granted a subscription from that institution’s pool of purchased subscriptions.

Institutions have the ability to manage their subscription usage.

To purchase subscriptions in bulk for an institution, contact [email protected].

Subscription FAQ and Troubleshooting

Why was my credit card declined while purchasing my subscription?

Eli Review itself does not handle any money – PayPal handles all of our payment processing. There are many reasons why PayPal might decline a credit card, but the most common reason is related to billing addresses. For example, if a student enters a campus mailing address when PayPal asks for a billing address, but the address on the card is a parent’s home, PayPal will reject that card.


There are several known reasons why PayPal will reject credit cards:

Some quick fixes that often resolve a declined credit card:

If none of these solutions help, try contacting PayPal’s Guest Checkout help directly at 1-888-221-1161 (US) or 1-402-935-2050 (outside the US).

You can also contact your bank to find out why your card was declined. All credit cards have a phone number on the back that you can call to discuss payment problems.

Why does Eli Review tell me I have a temporary subscription?

If Eli tells you that you have a “temporary subscription,” you are likely paying with an e-check; Eli will grant you temporary access to all of your courses so that you can participate in your courses while your payment is being processed.

I paid for a subscription and my bank shows a successful payment, but Eli said I still have to buy a subscription. What's wrong?

In some rare cases, particularly when PayPal’s servers are slow, PayPal will lose its connection with Eli and not communicate that your payment was successful. If this happens, please contact us at [email protected] and provide as much detail as possible. It would be most helpful to forward your PayPal receipt or send the Transaction ID.

An example of the receipt PayPal will email you after completing a purchase.

I have homework due tomorrow, but PayPal won't process my payment or my subscription won't show up in Eli Review. What do I do?

Contact Eli Review Customer Support, describe your problem as thoroughly as possible (including forwarding your PayPal receipt or listing your PayPal Transaction ID if you received one), and we’ll do everything we can to help.

Can I get a refund on my subscription purchase?

If you’ve purchased an Eli Review subscription online via PayPal, you can get a refund within one week of your purchase.

If you’ve purchased a subscription code via a bookstore, contact your bookstore. Refunds will depend on the policy of the individual store; most provide refunds only on unused codes.

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