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Peer Learning Workshop

  • When: January 14 - January 18
  • Cost: Free
  • Where: Online

This workshop, from January 14-18, 2019, shows instructors how Eli Review improves focus and follow-through in peer learning.

Participants see how Eli works in a writing workshop where colleagues help them improve their pitch for peer learning to students. From MondayThursday, participants complete a write-review-revise cycle in Eli as students; on Friday, they get instructor access. Past participants say that seeing Eli from both sides changed the way they design peer review tasks.

The workshop takes about 2 hours total–no synchronous meetings required:

  •  Monday – 3 tasks:
    • Enroll for free in Eli as a student.
    • Read and watch our resources about formative feedback and review task design.
    • Write a short statement about the value of peer learning to be shared in your own classes.
  • Tuesday – Review the statements of colleagues who are also participating in the course.
  • Wednesday – Watch an instructor use Eli’s analytics to debrief the feedback exchanged during review.
  • Thursday – Submit a revision plan.
  • Friday – Participants will be enrolled as co-instructors so that they can explore the course on their own.

If you’re curious about how peer learning works for better feedback and revision, follow the instructions below to join the workshop hosted by Melissa Graham Meeks, Eli Review’s Director of Professional Development.

About the Workshop

Feedback and revision improve learning. Eli Review is designed to make it easier to assign more feedback and revision. Eli also helps instructors coach writers in giving better comments and making better revisions because they can see more of students’ thinking and actions.

In this workshop, instructors will share the way they explain peer learning to their students and experience Eli Review’s scaffold for feedback and revision first-hand.


Signing Up

To sign-up for the workshop, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Login or create an account.
  3. Choose “Student Dashboard.”
  4. In the course code box, type: resold407face and then click Join Course.
  5. From the Student Dashboard, click “Asynchronous Hands-On Experience (5 Days).”
  6. Click on the writing task “Describe Eli’s Value to Students” to view the prompt. The prompt includes links to two professional development resources and a video that you need to read/watch before composing either a syllabus blurb or your talking points for discussing peer learning with students.
  7. Type your response in Eli Review or paste it into Eli from a rich-text formatted file and submit.

Note: To be included in the review, your writing task must be submitted by 9 AM Eastern on January 15.

Learn more about Writing Tasks in Eli Review for instructors and students.


January 14
January 18
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