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Sample 2-Week Free Use Activity

Make the most of your free two-week access using the steps below:

  1. Prep: Create the tasks.

    Consider the “Start with How and Why” activity to introduce students to peer learning in Eli Review. You can “load from library” in your course.

  2. Enroll students (if not using LMS integration): You will need the course code shown in the Roster tab of your Eli Review course for this step.

    Students will go to, create an account, and from the Student Dashboard, type the course code then click Join Course.

    If your campus has integrated Eli Review and you’ve added Eli as an external tool to your course, students will click the Eli Review link then follow the steps. You will NOT need to give them the course code.

  3. Assign Writing. Once you “assign” the writing tasks, students can begin work.

  4. Edit Groups: After students have submitted their writing, update the review task by “editing groups.” Writers with red triangles have not submitted drafts, and they should be excluded from peer review until they catch up; you can drag and drop them into groups later. Save groups.
  5. Assign the Review: Students can begin giving feedback, and instructors can watch the feedback post in the Writing Feedback and Review Feedback tabs in the review task.
  6. Debrief the Review: Talk with students about the trends in the “Writing Feedback” tab and discuss one or two of the peer-nominated exemplars. Consider endorsing peer feedback that you find especially helpful.
  7. Follow-Through on Feedback: Guide writers in making two choices about the feedback they’ve personally received:
    rate the helpfulness of the comments they received and
    add the best comments to revision plans.
  8. Assign the Revision Plan:  Revision tasks do not have a library, but you can copy the instructions from our curriculum and then assign the plan. In a revision plan, students prioritize their peer feedback and add notes reflecting their insights from the debriefing.  If you want to provide personal feedback to students, instructors can reply to students’ plan, coaching the thinking between drafts.

Follow this same sequence for any additional peer learning activities. Aim for small bits of writing that students review using a targeted set of criteria. For this short time frame, asking students to work through a topic proposal/thesis and then a body paragraph is a reasonable goal.

We have a variety of resources to help you as you go through the free access, including:

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