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Sample 2-Week Free Use Activity

If you’re looking for a way to make the most of your free two-week access, consider the schedule below as a way to spend your first few days. It’s an easy way to get your students started and to get a write-review-revise cycle completed quickly, which will help you see the benefit of the pedagogy and the tools behind Eli Review.

Here’s the sample schedule:

  1. Prep for Day 1: Assign the first writing task, and “save as a draft” the first review task. Consider the “Introducing Feedback” response paper activity from our open-source curricula that can be loaded into your course from the “load from library” option in writing and review tasks.
  2. Day 1-2: (only required the first time) Now that the writing task is assigned, give students the information they need to Enrolling in your course and submit their writing.This step can be completed for homework. If you’d prefer for students to register in-class, give students the writing task instructions and direct them to be prepared to copy and paste their response papers into Eli during class.
  3. Day 3: After students have submitted their writing, update the review task by “editing groups” and then “assign” the task. If students are working during class, you can watch their feedback come in by refreshing your browser at regular intervals.
  4. Day 3: Once students have given feedback, debrief with them by talking about the trends in the “Writing Feedback” tab regarding claims about giving feedback that writers choose and consider talking about one or two of the peer-nominated exemplars. Then, guide writers in making two choices about the feedback they’ve personally received: rate the helpfulness of the comments they received and adding the best comments to revision plans.
  5. Follow up on Day 3:  If you’d like to see students’ revision plans and ask them to submit a revised version, create a revision task and select either the revision plan or both the plan and the resubmission tasks . Revision tasks do not have a library, but you can copy the instructions from our curriculum.

After Day 3, you’ll have completed one full Eli Review feedback and revision cycle. Take a minute to check the Analytics button at the top of your course to see how students are doing after one write-review-revise cycle.

Follow this same sequence for any additional peer learning activities during your free period. Aim for small bits of writing that students review using a targeted set of criteria. For this short time frame, asking students to work through a topic proposal/thesis and then a body paragraph is a reasonable goal.

We have a variety of resources to help you as you go through the free access, including:

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