Pricing and Purchasing

Two-Week Free Access for All Instructors

You and your students can try Eli Review for free for two weeks. For new instructors, 14 days should provide plenty of time to take advantage of Eli’s rapid write-review-revise cycles and see if they’re a good fit. For returning instructors, 14 days should provide plenty of time for students to arrange financial aid, student loans, or other means to purchase a subscription.

You can start the two-week clock whenever you wish—today, next month, next semester. Just choose the date you want the free access to begin and students will be able to use it for free for two weeks after that time.

How does free access work?

Normally, creating and running a course in Eli Review is free for instructors, but students are required to purchase Eli Review subscriptions in order to participate in that course. During a two-week access period, that requirement is lifted and students are able to participate in the course without a subscription. Otherwise, a trial course is the same as a regular course in terms of setup, privacy, terms of use, and student copyright.

Starting free two-week access

When you’re ready to begin a free trial, setup is automatic and easy:

  1. Sign up: if you haven’t already, create an account and sign in. It’s always free for instructors and students.
  2. Start a course: again, if you haven’t already, you’ll be prompted to start a course after signing up. This too is always free for instructors.
  3. Set up your free access: you’ll see a button labelled “Start Your Free Two Weeks” – simply click it and specify when you want the access to start. You’ll receive a confirmation email and you’ll see a reminder that the course is free for students throughout the duration of the free window.

This video demonstrates the process for getting started with a free trial:

  1. Sign up for Eli Review
  2. Create a course
  3. Set up your free access period

Making the most of your two free weeks

There are any number of ways to use Eli Review, but we recommend getting as much feedback and revision into your free two weeks as you can. For example, you might aim for three peer learning activities during this trial. Here’s a sample schedule:

We also have a sample activity schedule that will help you get your students signed up, giving helpful feedback, and revising in as little as 3 days.

What happens after two weeks?

You have options about how you and students can continue to benefit after the end date of the free access.

What happens to your course?

What happens to student work if I don’t elect to continue?

Are you ready to get Started?

The first step is easy – click here to sign up!

Have questions? Need help?

The Eli Review team is also available to help as you get started evaluating the app. Reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook, email, or via our contact page.

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If your campus suddenly shifts to remote teaching and you'd like to use Eli's online peer feedback and revision for free check out these resources