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Curriculum Resources

To get you started with Eli Review, here are a number of projects and assignments you can use immediately. These materials have all been used in real classrooms and have proven effective in facilitating peer learning and writing improvement.

Want to know more about how to use these in your class? Check out Curriculum Help.

  1. First-Day Ice Breaker Activity – 2 tasks, any experience level
    “Ice-breaker” activities great for getting students signed in to Eli and familiar with the system, perfect for a single class session.
  2. High Art Evaluative Essay – 3 tasks, any experience level
    A project for an AP Language and Composition course designed to teach criteria-driven argument, multi-modal composition, and audience awareness.
  3. ACT Writing Coach Curriculum – 6 writing tasks, 7 reviews
    This 8-week practice curriculum is designed to help coach students through the moves that make a highly-scored ACT essay by breaking down criteria and repeated write-review-revise cycles.
  4. Science Writing Curriculum – complete 16-week course
    This complete course helps students learn the genres and conventions of science writing, developing components individually and assembling them into a full journal article.
  5. The Essential Moves of Technical Communication – 3 writing tasks, 6 reviews
    These exercises are designed to help students learn six important rhetorical moves that are at the heart of effective technical communication.
  6. Framing Feedback and Revision – 2 writing, review, and revision tasks
    These curriculum materials are primarily designed to help orient students to a feedback-rich classroom and to help improve student buy-in to feedback and revision.
  7. SAT Essay Curriculum – 27 writing, review, and revision tasks
    These resources provided a customizable set of materials to help students learn and practice the analytical writing skills behind the new writing prompt for the SAT.

Other Teacher Resources

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