Eli Review User Guide

Privacy Policy

Eli Review is fully committed to user privacy protection, both in the spirit of keeping users safe and respecting their rights but also to be in full compliance with FERPA, COPPA, SOPIPA and international agreements about privacy and intellectual property.

Personal data collected by Eli Review

The Eli Review application only asks for very basic personal information about you when you sign up. Specifically, we collect:

In addition to that personal information that Eli Review asks when you sign up, it will also remember information about how you use the app. For instructors, it will store details about the tasks you create and responses you give to student participation. For students, it will remember your submissions to activities and data about those activities, including how much time you spend on them.

Personal data NOT collected by Eli Review

Eli Review attempts to mitigate risk to all of its users by collecting only the minimum personal data necessary. This means that the app does not store or even ask for:

Eli Review does utilize PayPal as its trusted e-commerce provider for handling payments for individual subscriptions, but Eli itself never saves or even sees user credit card or bank information. PayPal has their own Safety Advice and Privacy Policy.

Third-party services that can access Eli Review data

Eli Review partners with several third-party services to host or extend its services. In all cases, Eli minimizes the data available to these third parties and purges any data saved in them on a regular basis (with the exception of Amazon Web Services, which hosts the Eli Review app and its databases).

Amazon Web Services Hosts the Eli Review application, all files and databases
PayPal Processes subscription payments; stores name and email address
Filestack Processes file uploads and displays files for users; does not see any personal user data
Zendesk Processes all email sent to Eli Review support email address; sees sender name and email address
Intercom In-app support chat that can see names and activity data for instructors only; data purged quarterly
SendGrid Processes all email sent from the Eli Review app; it is only used as a relay and does not store contact info or message content

Eli Review does not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer any personally identifiable information to outside companies.  Eli Review reserves the right to release personal information when necessary to comply with law enforcement, enforce our policies, or protect ours or others rights, property, or safety.

In the event that Eli Review is ever acquired by another company, that company will be required to oblige by the terms of this privacy policy.

How does Eli Review use personal information it collects?

Any of the information Eli Review collects may be used in one of the following ways:

Eli Review retains basic user information (name, username, email) and content (review feedback, revision plans, etc) only for as long as necessary for the purposes already laid out in this policy. Information stripped of personal identifiers may be used for marketing the app.

Eli Review may also support the scholarly work of instructors or researchers using various types of data. Instructors have the right to conduct personal research on classroom activities, but any peer-reviewed research supported by Eli Review will be done according to the rules for human subject research for an Institutional Research Board approved study where participants give explicit consent to participate and their data is thoroughly de-identified.

Personal Information and Targeted Advertising

Eli Review does not use customer information to sell behaviorally-targeted advertising to any users of our app, nor does it sell user information to other sites so that they might serve targeted advertising based on their use of our app.

The Eli Review app does use cookies, which are small files that a website, app, or service provider transfers to your computer through your browser (if allowed) that enables them to recognize a browser and capture and remember certain information (learn more). We use cookies to understand and save your preferences for the purposes already described, but we do not use them to track your movements across the web or serve you ads.

How Eli Review protects personal information

Eli Review employ a number of technologies to protect uses and their personal data. All passwords are encrypted and data is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Eli Review’s servers are regularly maintained and updated to include new security improvements as they are developed. Measures are in place to detect and prevent hacking and other forms of illegal intrusion.

Eli Review will notify all users in the event of a data breach to describe how they may have been affected and what measures they may take to protect themselves and their data.

Access by parents of guardians of minors

Eli Review does not provide direct access for parents or guardians to access accounts of users under 18. However, should the need arise, those parties can contact [email protected]

and we will work with them on a case-by-case basis to provide needed data or support.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

If and when any changes are made to this policy, this page will be updated, users will be notified via email, and their consent asked for the next time they sign in to the app.

Rights to your data

Eli Review respects users rights to their own information and has several policies and features to support those rights.

There isn’t a way in the app for a user to manually delete their account, but users may request that their accounts anonymized by contacting Eli Review’s Data Protection Officer at [email protected].

Your Consent

By using the Eli Review app, you consent to the terms of this policy.

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