Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see your question here, please reach out to our team in any number of ways – email, Facebook, or Twitter.

How much does Eli Review cost, and who pays for it?

See our pricing page for information about institutional purchases, individual subscriptions, or access codes in college bookstores.

How do I enroll my students?

Students join your course by typing the course code you see in the Roster tab. Or, if your campus has added Eli Review as an external tool, students click the link.

We cover course set up and student registration, including handouts, slides, and copy-paste instructions.

What do I do when students have password issues?

Use the password reset tool, which gives them two options for accessing their account – by entering either their username* and answering the secret question they created when they signed up, or by entering their email address, which will send them an email and let them reset their password.

*You can use your course roster to find their usernames.

If all else fails, students can email [email protected], and we’ll do everything we can to help.

What data does Eli keep, and what does it do with it?

Eli’s functionality requires that student writing and review work be stored, but it’s how Eli uses that information that is key:

We collect no sensitive student data, store no evaluative data like grades, and we don’t share any information with third parties.

You can find detailed information in Eli’s privacy policy as well as the application’s terms of service.

What are Eli’s technical specifications?

Eli is a web-based platform, meaning that it does not require any support from institutional technical support to install or maintain. The only technical requirements are access to a web-enabled device (computers or tablets), a working Internet connection, and a modern browser. For complete details about the technology and accessibility, please see our technical information page.

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