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Responding to COVID-19 in Summer 2020

Eli Review is an online resource for teachers and students who use peer learning – students sharing work, doing peer reviews, and planning revisions based on feedback – in their courses. Eli’s structured writing process with built-in moments for reflection can help provide continuity of instruction during remote teaching.

As campuses are making plans to continue flattening the curve of COVID-19, we are offering Eli Review at a discounted rate in the Summer 2020 to make things as easy as possible while keeping our service to you consistent:

  • Direct Student Purchase, beginning May 1: $12.50 for a three month subscription
  • Institutional/Departmental Purchase: $5,000 for up to 500 student subscriptions through summer term

Eli Review subscriptions provide unlimited access for the duration of the purchase. Students could use the app in multiple courses and across all the summer sessions.

If you need a solution for 500 students or more, please contact [email protected].


Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education in Michigan State University’s College of Arts & Letters  and one of Eli’s co-founders, Bill Hart-Davidson, Ph.D.,  describes resilient pedagogy as “planning for the important interactions that facilitate learning” and encourages instructors to think of their online spaces as studios where students learn by doing, from each other, and from the instructor. 

In 2007, this set of beliefs about what writers need in order to learn effectively led Bill and Jeff Grabill, Ph.D., Professor and Associate Provost for Teaching, Learning, and Technology at Michigan State, to develop Eli Review at WIDE (Writing, Information, and Digital Experience) research center. 

In 2012, Eli Review spun out the academic lab as a business so that the team–as Jeff described in his Computers & Writing 2016 keynote–could sustainably provide the year-round services instructors and students need to have a good experience in the app.

The Eli Review Team: Mike, Jeff, Bill, and Melissa

In 2020, we’re proud to offer a tried-and-true writing pedagogy in a secure, accessible app–thanks to efforts of co-founder Mike McLeod and director of professional development Melisa Graham Meeks, Ph.D.


Our team of writing teachers has developed many resources and services to support instructors in all disciplines as they design formative peer learning activities:


We also offer a wide range of support services that are included with a subscription:


These programs and courses have prioritized peer learning before the sudden shift to emergency remote teaching. They can also share their experiences of working with Eli’s team.

First-Year Writing

Writing in the Disciplines

  • University of California Santa Barbara’s Center for Innovative Teaching, Research, and Learning ( led by Linda Adler-Kassner, Ph.D. and Margaret Safranova, Ph.D. who have worked with faculty in biology, psychology, economics, film studies, and other disciplines to develop peer learning activities around threshold concepts
  • San Francisco State University’s long-standing faculty peer mentoring group led by John Holland, Jennifer Trainor, Ph.D., and Juliana Van Olphen, Ph.D., which has grown from one English instructor in 2015 to more than 40 faculty and instructors across four colleges this year
  • University of Rhode Island’s campus wide support for formative peer feedback originally led by Nedra Reynolds, Ph.D. and now by Heather Johnson, Ph.D.
  • University of New Hampshire’s BUS/ADMN 400, a 500+ student lecture course with 12 peer feedback activities, led by Scott Lemos, Ph.D. and Lauren Haley, Ed.D.

Next Step
Contact [email protected] to make plans for summer 2020.

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