Eli Review User Guide

Joining and Navigating Courses

Once you’ve created your account (if you haven’t done it already, signing up is really easy), you’ll have access to the Student Dashboard. The dashboard will be empty until you join a course.


Joining a Course

To join a course, you’ll need a course code from an instructor. They may choose to share it via email, on a syllabus, on a whiteboard, but that is how you gain access to your instructor’s course.

Once you’ve joined, you’ll see a new “Courses” table on your dashboard that lists all of the Eli Review classes in which you’ve enrolled. If the course requires a subscription, you’ll be prompted to purchase one if you haven’t done so already.


Course Homepage

Once you’ve selected a course from the dashboard, you’ll be taken to the homepage for that course. This is where writing, review, and revision tasks will be found once they’ve been assigned.

Once tasks have been assigned, they’ll be displayed in the Active Tasks tab in order of their due date. As projects are completed and no longer urgent, instructors may move them to the Archived Tasks tab – you won’t be able to turn in new work at that point, but you’ll be able to access any of your previous submissions there.


Click on the title of any task to view it. When viewing a task you can submit your work or view responses to your work by instructors or classmates. You can also use the links to related tasks to jump to other assignments or click Course Home to return to the course dashboard.

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