Eli Review User Guide

LMS Integration with Eli Review

Most campuses use learning management systems (LMS) to provide instructors and students with resources for organizing electronic materials related to courses (D2L, Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, etc).

Easy Navigation with Deep Links

Deep linking serves the purpose of moving students from wherever they are (email, LMS, Web page) directly into the Eli Review task, if their browser remembers username and password.

Mouse over any task title in the Instructor dashboard, right click, copy link, paste, and the URL to the task is ready to go. See our deep linking tutorial for illustrated details.

LMS Integration

Eli Review can be integrated with an LMS to simplify course set up for instructors and sign-in for all users. Eli does not have a gradebook, so no grades are passed back from Eli to the LMS. The instructions below walk individual instructors and administrators through what it takes.

Integration Option #1 – Supported Institutions

Once Eli Review is added to the campus LMS as an external tool by LMS administrators, then instructors can add it to their courses. The process is unique to each campus, unfortunately. Check with [email protected] if you are unsure what steps to follow.

This resource explains the steps instructors use to activate the integration. These steps apply to all campuses:

After instructors have activated the integration, students will click on the link and be guided through the steps.

Integration Option #2 – Individual Instructors

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many LMS administrators prohibit individual instructors from adding external learning tools to their courses. If your campus allows you to add an external tool as an instructor (rather than going through the campus set up described above), please contact [email protected] to request help from our team.

Once our team enables your campus’s integration, individual instructors can add their Eli Review courses to their LMS courses by following a few easy steps:

  1. Create your Eli Review course
  2. In your new course, go to “Settings” and scroll to the “LMS Integration” section
  3. Click the “Generate LTI Key / Secret” button to generate your credentials
  4. Use the credentials (the API URL, key, and secret) to set up your course in your LMS

Setup will vary between each LMS, but here are the instructions for Desire2Learn, Canvas, Moodle, and Blackboard.


Details for LMS Administrators

Eli Review can work with institutions to set up LMS support. If you’re interested in integrating Eli Review into your LMS, you can review our short list of technical requirements and contact us directly at [email protected].

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