Adding Eli Review to Your Syllabus

It’s simple to make Eli Review a required course resource. Adding Eli is as easy as any other textbook or a lab fee … and less expensive!

  1. Setup Eli Review: Create your account and start an Eli course (no cost).
  2. Choose payment method: students will need a subscription, and there are multiple ways to purchase:
  3. Add text to your syllabus: add a blurb to your required materials or textbooks section that lets students know they’ll be required to purchase and use Eli. For example:

    Eli Review ( – an online app we’ll be using to facilitate peer feedback and revision. You’ll need to purchase a subscription ($XX) and can do so in the app or in our bookstore. You’ll receive a handout with specific instructions for how to join our Eli course.

  4. Prepare a handout: You can customize our handout template with signup instructions to add to your syllabus or use it as a separate handout.

These steps get students subscribed and enrolled in your course. To learn more about how to get the most out of peer learning with feedback and revision, check out our Getting Started Guide.

Want your institution to pick up the tab instead of students? Request information about institutional pricing.

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If your campus suddenly shifts to remote teaching and you'd like to use Eli's online peer feedback and revision for free check out these resources