GSOLE 2021

Eli Review is a proud sponsor of GSOLE 2021.

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Giver’s Gain Resources

Describe-evaluate-suggest – short explanation and video to explain the three parts of a helpful comment to students

Giver’s Gain – a Dr. Seuss poem, a teacher interview, and a bibliography

Reading the room in online peer feedback — how Eli’s features support teaching feedback for giver’s gain

Improving Outcomes: Disciplinary Writing, Local Assessment, and the Aim of Fairness — Bill & Melissa’s chapter on Feedback Analytics where we argue that a writing class is only fair if there’s enough practice for the weakest reviewers to improve, and we describe the metrics necessary to chart students’ progress.



How Eli Review Aligns with GSOLE’s Mission

  • OLI Principle 1: Online literacy instruction should be universally accessible and inclusive.
    • Check out our VPAT. Takeaway: Mouse required for highlighting in contextual comments, but highlighting is NOT mandatory for adding comments or for meaning making by reviewers or writers.
    • Check out our affordable pricing, $20 per term.
  • OLI Principle 2: All program developers and institutional administrators should commit to supporting and implementing a regular, iterative process of professional development and course/program assessment for online literacy instruction.
  • OLI Principle 3: Instructors and tutors should commit to regular, iterative processes of course and instructional material design, development, assessment, and revision to ensure that online literacy instruction and student support reflect current effective practices.
  • OLI Principle 4: Educators and researchers should initiate, support, and sustain online literacy instruction-related conversations and research efforts within and across institutions and disciplinary boundaries.

GSOLE 2021 presenters who are Eli Users

Jesse Borgman, Western Michigan University and Arizona State University

Angela Laflen, CSU-Sacramento

  • first time user in 2020

Casey McArdle, Michigan State University

Catrina Mitchum and Shelley Rodrigo, University of Arizona



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