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Professional Development Workshop Schedule

Instructors use Eli Review to assign online peer learning that increases students’ critical thinking and engagement.

Seeing the app work helps instructors imagine how Eli can fit in their own syllabus. That’s where our free online professional development workshops start. 

Participants share a syllabus blurb or talking points for explaining why peer feedback is valuable. Then, they experience how it works.

Participants give feedback to colleagues from around the country, get feedback, and use feedback to plan a revision. Director of Professional Development Melissa Graham Meeks, PhD, also provides feedback on revision plans.

Participants get to be students Monday-Thursday and then get instructor access to the course on Friday. 

The workshop is about 20 minutes per day, and the deadlines are 11:45 PM Eastern. There are no synchronous meetings.

Any instructor can join a workshop by following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Login or create an account.
  3. Choose “Student Dashboard.”
  4. Choose your workshop week, and then enter the code for that week in the box and select “Join Course”: 

For each session, reminders go out on the Friday before the workshop begins, and enrollment is open through Monday midnight.

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