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Showcase Across the Disciplines

Faculty in 6 Disciplines Share Their Most Effective Peer Reviews

Instructors talking to instructors is one of our favorite forms of peer learning, so we’re inviting you to talk with some of Eli’s most experienced faculty.

We’re hosting a Showcase Across the Disciplines webinar series from 3 PM -3:30 PM weekdays, Tuesday, December 1 through Wednesday, December 9.

In each 30 minute session, faculty will share their most effective peer review and then take questions.

For each attendee, Eli Review will make a $5 donation to the WAC Clearinghouse, an open-access publishing collaborative dedicated to providing barrier- and cost-free access to scholarly work for writing across the curriculum.

Please share these events with your colleagues.

Click on the session title to reserve your spot and mark your calendar. 

Biology: Register for Tuesday, December 1, 3 PM

  • Mike Wilton, University of California Santa Barbara
  • Daniele Lopes Paim Pinto, University of Rhode Island

First-Year Writing: Register for Wednesday, December 2, 3 PM 

  • Brian Gogan, Western Michigan University
  • Catrina Mitchum and Shelley Rodrigo, University of Arizona

Communication: Register for Thursday, December 3, 3 PM

  • CJ Koenig, San Francisco State University
  • Alison Brenneise, University of Minnesota

Legal Writing: Register for Monday, December 7, 3 PM 

  • Brian Larson, Texas A&M University School of Law

Psychology: Register for Tuesday, December 8, 3 PM 

  • Aviva Sinervo, San Francisco State University
  • Vanessa Woods, University of California Santa Barbara

Technical and Professional Writing: Register for Wednesday, December 9, 3 PM

  • Casey McArdle, Michigan State University
  • Elizabeth Angeli, Marquette University


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