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Summer 2021 Opportunities

Work Session: Design Feedback & Revision Tasks

If this session works well, additional events will be scheduled for June, July, and August. Watch this space for details.

Workshops for Instructors: Improve Your Peer Learning Pitch

  • Who? This workshop is ideal for instructors who are considering teaching with Eli Review for the first time.
  • Why? See how the app works from the student side and get good ideas about how to explain to students why peer learning is part of their coursework.
  • How much time? About 20 minutes per day, Monday-Friday. No meetings.
  • Costs? Free
  • How? Register now for the workshop to get reminders by following these instructions:
  1. Go to
  2. Login or create an account.
  3. Choose “Student Dashboard.”
  4. In the course code box, type the code for the week you want to participate:

One-on-One Support

  • Who? Any instructor
  • Why? Course design, troubleshooting, analytics, research
  • How? Book at your  convenience (night and some weekend hours available):
  • Costs? Free

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