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Feedback Partners, 2021-2022

Eli Review is an online course tool created by instructors for instructors to promote effective feedback and critical thinking. We are working on new features to support large lecture courses enrolling 200+ students. 

We are looking for partners to support the design of peer feedback activities in large lecture courses across the disciplines. Partners will form a cohort to support each other and inform the app’s next feature set.

Participation Requirements

The five participation requirements will involve about 8 hours of collaboration:

  1. Be a new user of Eli Review.
  2. Complete the introductory “Workshop: Improve Your Pitch for Peer Learning’ (view schedule). (About 2 hours, online homework for 20 min per day, Monday-Thursday)
  3. Work with Melissa Graham Meeks, PhD, who will design no fewer than 5 peer feedback and revision tasks aligned to your learning outcomes. (1 hour consultation to start; 1 hour consultation to review course design)
  4. Identify, track, and publicly report measurable learning outcome(s) at the end of the course. Internal reports, blogs, journal articles, book chapters, etc. are all acceptable forms of reporting. (At least 2 hours)
  5. Participate in at least 2 of the 3 cohort meetings scheduled throughout the term, which will include status reports as well as feedback on proposed Eli Review features. (About 2 hours)

An honorarium for the 8 hours for your time working with the Eli Review team will be distributed as Amazon gift codes in two installments: 

(a) $250 when the Eli Review course is built and 

(b) $250 when the report of learning outcomes is posted. 

Application Process

Instructors of courses enrolling 200+ students can apply before November 30 by emailing Melissa ([email protected]) with some basics:

  • Your professional interest in joining an interdisciplinary group of large lecture instructors working on online peer feedback
  • A sketch of your course and the measurable learning outcome(s) or the research question that will help you select a measurable learning outcome.

Thorny Questions

  • I have a co-teacher. Can we both be paid?
    Unfortunately, no. We can split the payment, however.
  • Will students have to pay for Eli Review?
    Yes, students must pay for their subscriptions, or your department or institution can. For more details, see Pricing. The honorarium acknowledges your time investment in learning to use Eli Review and in giving feedback on new features.
  • I can’t or don’t want to accept payment. Can I still participate?
    Yes, and we’ll donate your $500 to the Writing Across the Curriculum Clearinghouse, an open-access publishing collaborative dedicated to providing barrier- and cost-free access to scholarly work for writing across the curriculum.

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