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New Feature: 14-Day Free Trial for New Instructors

Have you considered using Eli Review but didn’t want to jump in feet first? Well, get ready: on October 7 we’re releasing a new feature that will allow new instructors to use Eli Review in their classrooms for free for two weeks.

Once the new feature releases, new instructors can pick 14 days to try Eli and better feedback and better revision for free.

Why two weeks? That’s the perfect amount of time to get a taste of the Eli Review pedagogy in action. Students will have enough time to write several small bits as well as get experience giving and using helpful feedback to revise. That’s also just enough time for instructors to be able to see if the evidence Eli captures helps them improve learning.

Who is eligible for a free trial? All new instructors in Eli Review will be have the option to start a free trial once they create their first course. This option isn’t available for instructors who have taught Eli courses before or whose institutions have purchased Eli subscriptions in bulk.

If your course is eligible for a free trial, you’ll see this option once you create your first course:


For more details on who’s eligible for a free trial, see our free trial page.

How easy is it to start a free trial? If you’re eligible for a trial, setting it up is simple. Follow the steps outlined in the video below:

How can you prepare for your free trial? The free trial option will be available on October 7, but there are several things you can do between now and then to get the most out of it:

  1. Attend a workshop – our director of professional development is leading a free hands-on workshop from September 12-16 and October 17-21. You can experience the pedagogy first hand, and see Eli Review in action as a student and as an instructor.
  2. Check out the sample curriculum – we’ve included a sample two-week curriculum that can help you get the most out of your two weeks. Modify as you see fit, or contact Melissa to plan your tasks.
  3. Network with other instructors – you can learn more about the work other teachers have done in our instructor profiles.
  4. Read about the pedagogy – get insight into the research into teaching and learning that drive Eli Review and how they’re relevant to the app and your class.
  5. Check out example teaching materials – we have an extensive amount of open-source materials that you can borrow and modify as you think about the learning goals for your course.

If you have any questions about how the free trial works (what happens after it, who owns student work, etc) you can check out our free trial guide, or you can contact us directly. Happy to have you aboard!

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