Eli Review User Guide

Review Tasks

Review is the crucial step in Eli Review. By giving better feedback to peers, reviewers will be able to apply those insights to their own Writing Task and develop more ideas about how to plan an effective Revision.

How Reviews Work

The Eli Review process generally looks like this:

Each student receives a report after they’ve completed a review that includes two parts:

Responding to Writing

Getting Started

To begin a review, click on the review name from your Course Page. You’ll be taken to an overview of Instructions and Progress where you’ll see instructions for how to respond and your overall progress toward completion.


When you’re ready to begin responding, click on the name or Classmate # of one the writers you’ve been assigned review. This will take you to the review display where you’ll be able to read and respond to classmates.

The Review Display

The main review display is where you’ll prepare responses to send to the writers you’ve been asked to review.

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Response Types

In some cases, particularly with scaled responses, instructors may ask you to explain your response where you can describe for the writer why you rated their writing the way you did, as well as (hopefully) ideas on what the might do differently.

Review Report: Feedback from Reviewers

Once you’ve finished your reviews, you’ll be able to access a report of what happened in the review. This report has two sections,

  1. “Responses to Your Writing” tab that details all of the feedback you received from the review, and
  2. “Responses to Your Reviews,” which details all of the feedback you gave during the review.

Responses to Your Writing

This section of the review report gives detailed feedback about writing. It will help you gauge your performance, allow you to rate the feedback you got, and begin making revision plans.


Responses to Your Reviews

This section of the review report gives detailed feedback about your performance as a reviewer. It will show you how your classmates rated the feedback you gave them and if your instructor endorsed any of your feedback.


Instructor Endorsement: some instructors may choose to “endorse” individual comments. While the reasons for doing this will vary, most instructors use this feature to send a “thumbs up” both to the writer, saying “you should consider using this in your revision,” and to the reviewer, saying “this is a great comment, more like this please!”

Using Feedback to Plan Revision

Revision is where better writing happens. Eli exists to help students learn to revise effectively by using high-quality feedback to plan those revisions. The Revision Plan is one of Eli’s most important features, and writers utilize it by adding feedback they receive from their reviewers.


In the review report, each comment has an “Add to Revision Plan” link. Clicking this link allows you to add that piece of feedback to any revision plan for any piece of writing, so you can use one comment to revise many pieces of writing. You’ll be able to edit the comment and add your own notes.

To learn more about revision plans, see the Revision Task section of the user guide or watch the video.

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