Eli Review User Guide

Using the Dashboard

Once you’ve joined a course, you’ll see the task dashboard.

The dashboard is color-coded to show the writing process:

Timeline of the writing process in Eli Review.
Eli makes it easy to write a little, get feedback from peers, and revise.

The Task Type column shows the color coding.

The Task Names are blue, indicating that you should click the task name to view the instructions for submitting your work.

Tasks are sorted from newest to oldest, though you can reverse that by clicking the arrow to the right of the Due Date column.

Student dashboard shows Active and Archived Tasks. Tasks appear in descending order by due date. Progress indicators show if the task is incomplete or complete. The waiting status indicates that a partner in peer review hasn't submitted the draft yet. The person icon indicates that peer or instructor feedback is available.
Tasks appear newest to oldest and show progress indicators.

Tasks have 4 progress indicators:

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