Eli Review User Guide

Task Repository

Eli makes it easy to reuse tasks you’ve already created, saving you the time it takes to recreate tasks from scratch (particularly important with review tasks, which can be quite complicated). This is useful in a number of scenarios, especially for teachers who:

To access your repository and load one of the tasks it contains, use the “Create Task” options from your course dashboard and then look for the “Load from Task Library” option:



Clicking the “Load from Task Library” button will take you to the repository browser for that task type. There you’ll find a list of all the tasks  you’ve created for previous courses as well as courses in which you’ve been a co-instructor.

The Repository Browser for writing tasks (view is the same for review tasks).

Because the list of tasks can grow pretty quickly (especially if you’re teaching multiple courses), the repository browser gives you a number of options for quickly locating old tasks:

From your task list, you have two options – you can access the task details, or you can load the task into your course.

Task details – you may wish to review the details of a given task before moving forward. To do that, just click on the name of that task and you’ll be taken to the task detail view.

The detail view for a task, where you can review everything about that task.

Loading Tasks: Once you’ve decided that you want to reuse a particular task, just click the “Load” button in the repository or the “Load This Task” button from the task detail view. This will open either the Create a Writing Task display or the Create a Review Task display (depending on the type of task you chose to load) with the details of the loaded task pre-entered.

Once the details of a task have been loaded, you’re free to make changes to any of the details for that task. However, you will require you to re-enter some important that can’t be re-used:

Once you’ve editing the details, you can save your reused task as a draft or assign to students, just like you would with any  new task. It will also be available as a new task in your repository that you’ll be able to reuse for other courses.

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