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Eli Review Fun Facts: Fall 2016 Edition

profile series As presentations at conferences or publications? With the hashtag #seelearning on Twitter? Please let us know on Facebook, Twitter, email, or the web if you’d be willing to…

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Student-Level Analytics

…review. Engagement Data This report expands on the data available both in the Highlights section of the student report but also the Average Student Profile data of the Course Analytics…

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New Features: Course and Student Analytics

…performance on key engagement metrics changes over time Average Student Profile – see, in general, how students in your course have performed as writers and reviewers Engagement by Task Type…

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…Eli Review? Sign Up!” button. Creating an Eli Review account is easy. You’ll need to provide some basic profile information, but pay particular attention to: Username – the unique identifier…

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Revision Plans Lead to Interventions

…review task in their reflection, mention a strategy covered during debriefing, and prioritize helpful feedback from peers. Eli Review team, “Instructor Profile: Nedra Reynolds” I thought [a revision plan] was…

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