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Endorsing Student Feedback

…of endorsed comments per review. The Average Student Profile average the percent of endorsed comments per review and the percent of endorse comments that appear in revision plans. Engagement Highlights…

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Making a Horse Drink

profile, however, comes from a rigid notion that teachers teach and students learn: Teachers talk, comment, and grade while students listen, read, and get graded. Students who resist peer learning…

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An Eli Friday – Updates, Bug Fixes, and New Video

…question and it’s right on the profile creation interface, rather than a separate step. Account Creation Error – as if adding insult to injury, when the user registeres their sixth…

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Know When to Shut Up, Part II

…his instructor profile) describes how he reads students comments because those comments tell him how well the drafts are going and where students are struggling: Eli makes this work easy…

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How to Get Around to Eli Review This Summer

…provides a short instructor profile, the course syllabus/calendar, and a screenshot of their Eli Review dashboard. Casey McArdle, Michigan State University: FYwriting and Technical Writing (see Casey’s materials) JoSann Lien,…

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