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Best Practices for Submitting Highly Formatted Texts in Eli Review

Eli Review allows writers to submit highly formatted texts like MLA/APA style research projects, documents with visuals, or résumés in two ways.

Instructors chose the method when they set up the writing task:

  1. Compose in Eli Review allows students to submit a link to file stored online. Students are responsible for the sharing settings on the linked file.
  2. Upload files that are less than 10 Mb and are documents (doc, docx, pdf, txt), images (jpg, png, gif), slides (ppt, pptx), and spreadsheets (xls, xlsx).

Both of these methods eliminate highlighting in the peer review task. Reviewers may still add contextual comments (without highlighting) and final comments.

Tip 1:  Check file size.

The most common problem students report is that their file exceeds 10 Mb.

Slides with recorded narration are a common culprit. Compressing the file is one option for reducing file size. An Internet search for compressing files by device and program (e.g., Powerpoint for Mac/Windows) should identify the specific steps necessary.

Tip 2: Upload from Local Device.

Although Eli Review supports uploads from cloud storage in Google Drive, OneDrive, and DropBox, sometimes uploading from these services produces an error. The easiest solution is to download the file from the cloud storage location to the local device. Then, in Eli Review, try uploading from the local device.

Tip 3: Check sharing settings.

This tip applies only with the writing task is “Compose in Eli” and students submit links. The link must be viewable by reviewers. Writers need to verify that the link is set to “public” or “sharing” is enabled.

Tip 4: Request Removal.

Often, peer reviewers discover a problem with a writer’s highly formatted text. Instructors or [email protected] can remove a writer’s submission. The removal is permanent, and it affects the work done and to be done in peer review group, so remove submissions carefully.

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