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Removing Submissions

Students sometimes submit the incorrect draft to writing tasks.

There are two strategies for correcting the submission:

  1. They can update their own submissions until the due date has passed.
  2. After the due date of the writing task has passed, a writer’s incorrect submission must be removed by the instructor or by [email protected]. Within the writing task, select the student’s name, then click “Remove Submission” and follow the confirmation screens to permanently remove the text/file.
Remove submission allows writers to replace incorrect submissions.

The decision to remove a submission and allow a writer to update affects reviews of the draft in progress. To see the effect, go into the Review task, and click on the writer’s name who needs to update their submission. Then, under the summary tab, check the “Review of <student>” table for submitted feedback.

Review's of Student Writing show which reviewers can comment on updated drafts.

If review has begun, there are three possible scenarios:

Instructors who choose to add writers to a new peer review group may want to notify the group via email about the change in the assignment. Eli does not have a notification system, so students will only notice the change when they return to the review task. Here’s a sample email (use bcc if anonymous review):

A student submitted an incorrect file to the writing task. In order to allow the student to participate in peer review, I’ve add them to your group.

Please go to the review task (include direct link, which is on the left of the task title in the Course Dashboard) and give feedback to your new group member. You will also receive feedback from them. Thank you for your flexibility as we make sure everyone has the chance to receive helpful feedback.

Please contact [email protected] if you have questions about the process of removing a submission and adjusting peer groups as needed.

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