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Release Notes: Automatic Grouping, Late Grouping, and Review Scheduling

We’re releasing several new features and updates that save instructors time and help solve the Late Writers problem.

Automatic Grouping

Instructors can now select the Automatic grouping type to have Eli automatically create reviewer groups when a review starts.

Importantly, Eli will only group students who have submitted their writing task before the review starts, so students who are ready will only be grouped with students who are also ready for review.

Students grouped with Automatic grouping will never wait on their late peers to start a review.

Late Grouping

Instructors who select Automatic Grouping will also have the option to enable late grouping, a second round of automatic grouping that forms reviewer groups of students who submitted their writing assignment after their review starts.

Instructors who enable this setting will schedule the late grouping to take place x number of days after the review starts.

Any students who complete their writing task after the first round of automatic grouping will be placed in to reviewer groups with one another, so they will have work to review without slowing down their classmates or requiring their instructor to manually look for their late submission and then manually place them into a group.

Review Scheduling


Review tasks can now be scheduled, allowing for easier course planning.

Other UI/UX Updates

  • Select draft writing tasks as the writing assignment for Review Tasks and Revision Tasks.
  • More robust error messaging.
  • Improved in-app text editors.
  • A review timeline display at the bottom of draft review tasks that outlines the dates and times of activities in a review.
  • Improved scrolling in the drag-and-drop reviewer groups editor.
  • Student dashboard task status bug fixes


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