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Online Professional Development Workshop, July 8-12

What is the workshop about?

Eli Review is a peer learning app for feedback and revision. Each month, a free online professional development workshop encourages faculty to reframe peer review in their classes.

What do participants do?

Participants get to be students Monday-Thursday, July 8-11 and then get instructor access on Friday, July 12.

They share a syllabus blurb or talking points for explaining the value of feedback to students. They will give feedback to colleagues from around the country, get feedback, and use feedback to plan a revision. Director of Professional Development Melissa Graham Meeks, PhD, also provides feedback on revision plans.

Participants spend about 20 minutes per day, and the deadlines are 11:45 PM Eastern. There are no synchronous meetings.

The dashboard shows all four tasks assigned in the workshop.

Who participates?

About 10-20 instructors participate each month. Although most participants teach college-level writing courses, usually 30% of the participants teach in the disciplines or in professional schools.

Most instructors attend the workshop to see if Eli Review is a good fit for their courses. Participants also experience a helpful set of peer learning practices, including how to effectively debrief a peer review session to drive revision, that can be used with or without the app.

How do instructors enroll?

Register today so that you are sure to get the reminders:

  1. Go to
  2. Login or create an account.
  3. Choose “Student Dashboard.”
  4. In the box, type course code fetch193fluke and click Join Course.

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