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Mind the Gap: Completion Rates

If writers do not submit drafts, they are not included in review groups. If reviewers don’t give feedback, they have also missed review. Missing review, either by being excluded or not finishing, is missing important writing practice.

How do you pay attention to review completion?

In Eli Review, the instructor’s dashboard shows the completion rate for each task:

In the example above, the highlighted writing task has 95% completion, and a review task has 94% completion.  How can that be? The list of students expected to the do the work is different in each task.

  • The Writing Task completion rate reflects the full class roster. So, 95% of all enrolled students submitted drafts.
  • The Review Task completion rates reflects only the students added to  peer review groups. The 30% of unprepared writers who were excluded from peer review groups aren’t counted in the review task completion report since they weren’t assigned to give feedback. But, among the 95% writers who submitted drafts and were put in groups, 15% of those students still need to complete their work as reviewers.

The quickest way to find students who have missed reviews is to use the Completion report.

Incomplete reviews mean that students have access to the review task, but they have not submitted them.

Unassigned reviews indicate that writers’ drafts were either not submitted at all or were not submitted in time to be included in a review group. (Learn more about managing late writers.) An unassigned reviews mean that the student never even saw the questions in the review task because Eli only shows the questions to those in review groups. Students who are unassigned to reviews are truly missing out.

What do you do about review completion problems?

Talk to the student. Unless you think the student is currently capable of independently writing final drafts that meet your expectations, they are not on track to be successful. Without the practice you’ve assigned, they will not improve.

Research on student success often emphasizes that tasks assigned early in the semester are harbingers of how students will finish the course. Pay particular attention to students who miss a review or two in the first month of the course. Refer those students to the appropriate campus resources through early alert reporting or other mechanisms.

Mind the gap: To increase student success, pay attention to incomplete writing and feedback tasks.

Mind the Gap

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