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Updates to Our Privacy Policy

To the Eli Review community:

We know you’re probably overwhelmed by companies updating their privacy policies as new European Union laws go into effect (here’s a good primer, if you’re unaware of what’s happening).

We’ve also updated our privacy policy, but we wanted to take this opportunity to reinforce two of our core values as a company: transparency and accountability. We’ve always believed that your data belongs to you, and we’ve done our best to respect your privacy and safety, but this is a good opportunity to reinforce how seriously we take those commitments.

Key takeaways from the updated privacy policy:

  • We describe what we know about you (spoiler: as little as we possibly can)
  • We clarify who owns the materials you create using Eli (spoiler: you do, forever)
  • We describe how/when Eli targets ads to instructors and students (spoiler: never)
  • We list the third-parties we do business with and what data we share with them
  • We added a “Rights to Your Data” section describing how you can access all of the data you’ve created in Eli Review (student data downloads are coming very soon)

Check out our terms of use (unchanged) →

Check out our updated Privacy Policy

We are happy to answer any questions or listen to any feedback you might have about terms of use, privacy, or anything else. Email us, tweet at us, or message on Facebook!

Thank you, as always, for being great peer exemplars,

The Eli Review Team

Cover photo credit: James Sutton

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