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Around the web: triaging feedback

Getting helpful feedback on writing isn’t enough; as we argue in our student module Rethinking and Revising Using Feedback to Improve Our Writingselecting from the feedback you receive is also important.

Clark Wimberly, writing for The Next Web, describes a similar process when giving advice for how designers can handle feedback they receive during critiques. He describes a face-to-face feedback process, where “you’re deep into the review session and feedback is flying … before you start writing everything down, remember that it’s possible to have too much of a good thing.”

He describes his process for triaging the feedback he receives from his colleagues:

I usually file my feedback into three main buckets:

  1. Low hanging fruit we can knock out right now

  2. Important things to get done by launch

  3. Other things to tackle sometime after launch

Good ideas are capable of landing in any bucket—it all just depends on timelines, goals, and available team power.

He further adds:

With a daunting, updated to-do list in front of you, keep your sanity by figuring out what can be fixed in your current design space. Find the tweaks and changes that have the biggest impact with the smallest amount of rework. Tackle those first.

Clark is, essentially, building a revision plan by sorting through feedback, prioritizing, and then using the plan to act. But in his case, as in the case we lay out in our revision module, you have to triage (or select) before you act.

SourceHow to handle a design critique

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