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#4C16 – Panels on Feedback and Revision

Many in our teaching community are no doubt aware that 2016’s College Conference on Composition and Communication is quickly approaching. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to meet with many of you there.

We’ve compiled here some of the sessions we’re most excited about. Some sessions relate to Eli Review directly, where presenters will share teaching or research stories, but we’ve also searched the online program for all of the sessions we could related to feedback and revision. We’ll be attending, and we hope to see you there!

 Sessions Related to Eli Review

Code Time Title Presenters
C.38 Thursday 4/7
1:45 PM 3:00 PM
More than the Sum: Faculty Collaboration in Designing and Teaching a Hybrid Writing Course
E.30 Thursday 4/7
4:45 PM 6:00 PM
ELI Review as Strategic Action
G.05 Friday 4/8
9:30 AM 10:45 AM
Better Learning Technologies: Taking Action to Reframe Educational Technology Development for Writers and Writing Teachers
I.18 Friday 4/8
12:30 PM 1:45 PM
Partnering with the Status Quo: Theories, Histories, and Cases of Problematic Partnerships for Action-Oriented Practitioners

About Peer Review

Code Time Title Presenters
MW.09 Wednesday 4/6
9:00 AM 12:30 PM
But I Don’t Know What to Say: Peer Review as a Tool to Help Students Effectively Join the Conversation
B.38 Thursday 4/7
12:15 PM 1:30 PM
Response in Action: Negotiating the Intentions of Students, Teachers, and Peer Reviewers
C.11 Thursday 4/7
1:45 PM 3:00 PM
Peer Perceptions: Conferencing and Feedback
M.07 Saturday 4/9
11:00 AM 12:15 PM
Wanting Students to Succeed: Peer Conferences and Feedback

About Scaling Peer and/or Instructor Feedback

Code Time Title Presenters
D.31 Thursday 4/7
3:15 PM 4:30 PM
CCCC Committee for Effective Practices in Online Writing: Student Matters
D.08 Thursday 4/7
3:15 PM 4:30 PM
Pedagogical Threshold Concepts Derived from Online Writing Instruction: or, Why Writing Teachers Should Resist the Enterprise Model of Online Course Design
F.06 Friday 4/8
8:00 AM 9:15 AM
Beyond the Workshop: Experiments in Big Comp

About Evidence-Based Assignment Design, Feedback, or Reflection

Code Time Title Presenters
A.11 Thursday 4/7
10:30 AM 11:45 AM
Approaching FYC from a Research Perspective: Using Teacher and Corpus Inquiry to Impact Practice
A.22 Thursday 4/7
10:30 AM 11:45 AM
The Transfer of Transfer Project: Researching the Efficacy of Teaching for Transfer (TFT) in Four Courses and on Four Campuses
D.24 Thursday 4/7
3:15 PM 4:30 PM
Researching Threshold Concepts and Transfer
H.19 Friday 4/8
11:00 AM 12:15 PM
The Genre Project: An Interim Report on Collaborations between WPAs and Disciplinary Faculty about Genre and the Problem of Transfer
I.25 Friday 4/8
12:30 PM 1:45 PM
Identifying and Eliciting Students’ Metacognitive Development
I.21 Friday 4/8
12:30 PM 1:45 PM
Instructor Feedback as an Interactive Process: Using Qualitative Data to Develop Effective Feedback Strategies
J.34 Friday 4/8
2:00 PM 3:15 PM
Acting on Data: Corpus-Based, Computer-Aided Analysis of Student Writing

About Professional Development

Code Time Title Presenters
J.04 Friday 4/8
2:00 PM 3:15 PM
Flipped Professional Development for Hybrid Courses: Preparing Graduate Student Instructors to Teach in a Contemporary First-Year Writing Program
L.07 Saturday 4/9
9:30 AM 10:45 AM
Develop, Design, Deliver: Teaching Graduate Students to Teach Writing Online

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