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Are Your Students Getting The Right Feedback at the Right Time?

A 2015 study published in the Journal of the Internet and Higher Education reports that feedback that offers direct, task-oriented guidance produces the best results for learners who engage in multiple rounds of peer review activity. The researchers suggests that in the earlier stages, this type of “cognitive” feedback is more effective than “affective” (e.g. praise) comments.


Another interesting finding made by the researchers is that after a while, learning gains from cognitive feedback decrease. They suggest that as learning progresses, meta-cognitive feedback – comments that include or encourage reflection – may be more valuable, though more research is needed on this question.

Helping students give the right kind of feedback at the right time is something Eli Review was built for. Do you know what kind of feedback your students are giving one another? With Eli, you can see every comment and you can do so while a review is happening live, with enough time to help students improve the feedback they give.

You can read more about how to coach effective reviews, including teaching students how to give the kind of feedback Cheng & colleagues discuss, in our Professional Development module Designing Effective Reviews.


Original Post: Examining the role of feedback messages in undergraduate students’ writing performance during an online peer assessment activity

Photo Credit: Flickr user Alan Levine


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