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Introducing Eli Review’s Director of Professional Development

meeks-announcementThis week, the Eli Review team grows with the addition of Melissa Meeks as the Director of Professional Development!

Melissa earned her PhD in Rhetoric and Composition from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After directing a writing program at Wesleyan College, she taught first-year writing at Georgia Tech as a Brittain Fellow. Melissa joined Bedford/St. Martin’s in 2011, and her work focused on helping instructors customize media to meet their course goals.

At Bedford, Melissa first encountered Eli, and she recognized that it had the potential to transform her teaching: less coordinating, more feedback, more visibility, more coaching. While getting other instructors started with Eli, she developed a wide variety of course materials and professional development content, including an entire course on Science Journal Article Writing with Ingrid Lofgren at the University of Rhode Island and a fully online introductory music class of 150+ students with Miles Ishigaki at California State University, Fresno.

In her new role as Director of Professional Development for Eli Review, Melissa will continue helping instructors get great results. She can help instructors:

  • understand how Eli works for writing process or writing-to-learn assignments in first-year writing and WAC/WID
  • adapt face-to-face, hybrid, or fully online class to include Eli
  • design write-review-revise cycles
  • use Eli’s powerful formative feedback to help students improve
  • start small with Eli or scale up to a full slate of courses
  • capture data for classroom research and publication

We’re thrilled to have Melissa on the Eli team. If you’d like to work with her to make your class a success, contact her via email at [email protected] or on Twitter at @MelissaGMeeks.

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