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A “Live-Feed” for Peer Review

Ann Shivers-McNair (@a_shiversmcnair), a doctoral student in language and rhetoric at the University of Washington, has taught writing for many years and sees peer review as “a useful way to teach composing and revision strategies.” Ann has been working with various technologies to facilitate peer review and has recently shared some of her experiences with Eli Review.

In a recent post on the HASTAC blog, Ann describes Eli’s review report as a “live feed” of her peer review sessions that let her find a good balance between encouraging students to interact with each other on their own and providing them with structure and accountability:

I talked to my students about this decision before implementing [Eli Review], encouraging them to think about it as another level of engagement (not just with their groupmates but with the rest of the class) and as a way to examine models of feedback. And I found that this “live feed” of the written artifacts of peer review (students’ comments on each others’ drafts) allowed me to stop dropping in on groups’ conversations (except when I was invited). This was a new way to balance “in-between-ness” and structure, and in course evaluations and a survey I conducted, students reported finding peer review helpful in higher numbers than I’d previously seen.

Ann further explored the notion of “in-between-ness” in a presentation at the College Conference on Composition and Communication (#4c15) in Tampa, FL, describing peer review as “a space where students can engage each other differently than they do in a teacher-mediated discussion.” She reiterated that Eli Review’s “live feed” of peer feedback is a unique way to navigate that tension and discussed practical concerns for implementing and processing the flow of feedback from Eli:

To learn more about how to use Eli Review’s “live feeds” as formative feedback in your teaching, check out Evidence-Based Teaching: Formative Feedback in Writing Instruction.


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