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Resources for Syllabi and Workshops

If you’re still prepping course materials for the coming term, or if you’re planning a faculty workshop or brownbag, consider using some of the free resources we have here on Eli Review. Our teacher development modules and open-source curriculum materials are useful both in the classroom and in the workshop:

  • The Feedback and Revision development module lays out the research showing how important both are in learning in general and learning to write, specifically.
  • The Designing Effective Reviews development module describes strategies for creating reviews and coaching novice reviewers to improve feedback.
  • The ACT Coaching Curriculum has detailed examples of how to focus reviews on discreet writing moves, like using qualifiers for developing effective arguments.

The Eli Review YouTube channel also has a number of short, useful videos, like this one of Stuart Blythe talking about the differences between peer editing and peer review:

If you’re looking for resources for using Eli Review, you can check out our tutorials, or see the detailed user guides for instructors and for students.

Finally, if you have questions about developing materials for your classes or for your faculty, feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to work with you.

Good luck in your coming terms!

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