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New Feature and a Bug Fix: December 10, 2012 Release Notes

While big improvements continue behind the scenes, we’re still listening to user feedback and making minor improvements and bug fixes as needed. In our newest push, happening today, we add a new feature and address a bug:

  • Extending due dates: Due dates for all tasks (writing, review, and revision) can now be changed by an instructor. Previously, a task would become “locked” once students started submitting work, preventing instructors from changing the task out from under the student, causing confusion both for students and in Eli’s database. While all other fields stay remain locked after responses start, instructors now have the option to extend the due date of their tasks.
  • Bug fix: in some cases, students responding to a review would receive an error saying “Couldn’t hydrate. Found non-unique key mapping named ‘review_response_component_id’. This error has been addressed and show no longer be a problem.

Many thanks to all of our users who take the time to inform us when they are having difficulties – it’s the only way we’ll get better. Please continue sharing your frustrations with us through the in-app “Report Tech Issue” function, emailing us at [email protected], or talk to us on Twitter or Facebook.

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