Eli Review User Guide

LMS Integration Requirements

Integrating Eli Review into a learning management system (LMS) is a straightforward process. Support for LMS integration is developed on a case-by-case basis. As part of the initial assessment, please note the following minimum requirements needed:

Institutional purchase

Eli Review requires that students enrolling in courses be issued subscriptions at the time of enrollment, so institutions must have those seats available as students enroll. The size of the purchase may vary, but there must be one available. To learn more about institutional purchases, see the Eli Review Purchasing site or contact [email protected].


Eli Review requires Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)  compliance in order to be integrated into an LMS. The application requires the following data be shared via LTI when integrated into any LMS:

Your LMS may share more data via LTI, but Eli Review must have at least these items passed by any LTI connection.

Privacy and Accessibility

FERPA – Eli Review stores as little data about students and instructors as possible. It does not store sensitive institution data like grades or personal data like addresses, phone numbers, or social security numbers, but it does store information about student enrollment. The servers that run Eli Review are protected by industry-standard security measures to prevent intrusion and to keep all sensitive data secured.

Accessibility – Eli complies with Section 508 accessibility standards for web applications (more information in Eli’s Voluntary Product Accessibility Form – VPAT).

Additional Information

If you’re interested in additional information about integrating Eli Review into an LMS, please contact [email protected].

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