Eli Review User Guide

Course Settings and Co-Instructors

While the course dashboard enables you to coordinate tasks and the course roster enables you to enroll and mange your students, the Course Settings enables you to change some of the basic information about your course as well as add co-instructors who can help you run the course.

Course Settings

Instructors can change the settings of their courses even after a course has been created. By clicking “Course Settings” on the “Course Dashboard,” instructors can update all of the saved information about a course. From here, instructors can also add “co-instructors” to the course from this view.

From Course Settings you can also choose to End or Delete your course.

Institutional Affiliation

Instructors identify the institution where their courses are taught when they create the course, but the options in Course Settings allow instructors to change that institution or apply an institution code if the the institution has purchased subscriptions on behalf of students.


Instructors have two options when adjusting their subscriptions:


Courses often have multiple instructors, or instructors may wish to share access to their class with another instructor. This can be accomplished by adding a co-instructor to the course in the Course Settings view.


The following should be kept in mind about co-instructors:

Deleting or Ending a Course

There may be any number of reasons to shut down a course. Eli will provide two options, depending on the status of your course.


Delete Course is usually needed when you have created a course in error, or created a course but change your mind about using Eli.

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