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San Francisco State Spring 2023 Office Hours

San Francisco State University is one of Eli Review’s long-time institutional partners. Since Fall 2015, we’ve offered a wide range of professional development opportunities for teaching peer feedback and revision.

We are delighted to continue that tradition in 2022-2023 with the continued support from SFSU’s CEETL.

Instructors meet Fridays at 10 AM Pacific on Zoom for half-hour conversation to share ideas about teaching peer feedback and revision. Accompanying videos are posted within the slides.

Zoom Meeting Link: Zoom Meeting

Slides (with accompanying videos): Slides

February/March 2023

Fundamentals of Student Success: Establishing Routine Practice and Tracking Engagement

  • February 3, Friday, 10 AM (PST) Small bits are often better than big, less frequent chunks; Criterion referenced, critical reading
    • NOTE: In Roster, “Suspend” students who drop.
  • February 10, Friday, 10 AM (PST) How Can We Tell When Students are Engaged?
  • February 17, Friday, 10 AM (PST) Moving Students From Less to More Engaged
    • NOTE: In Roster, “Suspend” students who drop before the Withdraw date.
  • February 24, Friday, 10 AM (PST) The Bellwether Four, Revisited as Student Success Benchmarks
    • NOTE: In Roster, “Suspend” students who drop before the Withdraw date.
  • March 3, Friday, 10 AM (PST) Learning Goals and the “Minimum Effective Dose”


Qualities of Good Practice that Gets Results: Repetition & Frequency, Intensity, and Quality

  • March 10, Friday, 10 AM (PST) How do we create a practice routine that works? Four key elements
  • March 17, Friday, 10 AM (PST) Repetition and frequency – How much and how often to see improvement?
  • March 24 Friday, 10 AM (PST) Spring Break, No Webinar
  • March 31, Friday, 10 AM (PST)
    • NOTE: Cesar Chavez Day – a California State holiday
  • April 7, Friday, 10 AM (PST) Intensity – Why Word Count Matters
  • April 14, Friday, 10 AM (PST) Quality – Criterion Referenced Review and Revision Planning


Assessment and Feedback: Formative evaluation, Summative evaluation, and Data Stories in Eli

  • April 21, Friday, 10 AM (PST) What Kinds of Feedback Help Students Improve? (Hattie & Timperly)
  • April 28, Friday, 10 AM (PST) What are Your Indicators for Success & Do They Align With Your Feedback to Students
  • May 5, Friday 10 AM (PST) What Data Stories Help You See Opportunities for Early Intervention?
  • May 12 Friday, 10 AM (PST) Big Picture: DFW Rates, Persistence, & Belonging…putting them all together!

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