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Tip: How can students get notifications when Eli tasks are due?

Eli does not have automatic notifications, but there’s an easy way to use your LMS to send them by inserting deep links to Eli tasks inside announcements or calendar events.

In your Eli Review course dashboard, click on the link icon to the left of the task title. A banner appears at the top, indicating that the link has been copied.

In your LMS such as Blackboard, D2L, Canvas, or Moodle, paste the link into an announcement or calendar event that does send automatic notifications. Once you post the message, students will get a reminder and a direct link to the Eli Review task that is due.

San Francisco State University instructor John Holland follows this schedule for sending direct links to nudge students throughout the write-review-revise cycle:

  • Monday AM: Send a reminder about the writing task due later that day.
  • Tuesday AM: Assign groups and the review task, and announce that the review is open and due Wednesday PM.
  • Tuesday PM: Email writers who haven’t submitted drafts. Email writers who have been added late to review groups so that will get started on giving feedback.
  • Wednesday PM: Send a reminder about rating feedback helpfulness and alerting students that endorsements are posted.
  • Thursday PM: Post debriefing report/video in LMS. Email a link reminding writers who missed peer review that they can still participate in revision plans based on what they learned from the debriefing.
  • Friday PM: Send announcement to class indicating that instructor feedback on revision plans is available.

John developed this routine to help him keep students moving forward in the process throughout the week. He also tells them to check Eli everyday because the red incompletes really get their attention.

From John and many other instructors, we know that automatic notifications about upcoming due dates, missing work, and newly posted feedback would be helpful, and we are working on it.

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