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Tip: Where can I write on students’ drafts in Eli Review?

You can’t. You haven’t missed a button. It’s not there.

Eli Review is a peer feedback environment. The app is not designed for teacher markup.

In our 2016 blog post “Know When To Shut Up: Part I,” we wrote:

Instructors are no doubt the most powerful provider of feedback. We can tell students things they can’t tell each other. Commenting on student work is the most labor intensive, high-cost aspect of teaching. It’s where we most often do the heavy lifting to guide individual students through a meaningful learning experience. . . . Instructor commenting will always be a short lever—high-impact, high-cost. Making peer feedback routine and powerful, however, gives us a longer lever—still high-impact, but lower costs.

By design, the app helps instructors coach the conversation students are having with each other about their drafts in process and the revision decisions writers are making. Instead of bringing instructors closer to the drafts that peers have already marked up, Eli brings instructors closer to the comment digest and the revision plan, parts of the writing process they typically can’t see.

Instructor feedback in Eli Review takes three forms:

  • Debriefing–whole class oral feedback on revision goals using trends and models from peer review
  • Endorsing–giving a thumbs up to excellent peer feedback
  • Commenting on revision plans–responding to the revision goals writers have set for themselves based on peer feedback and debriefing

Eli’s only textbox for instructor commenting is in a revision plan. To give writers feedback on their drafts, instructors can copy the draft and paste (specifically, Edit > paste and match style) the draft or portion of the draft into their note. They can insert notes in [bold brackets].

This workaround in the revision plan is a heavy lift. We don’t recommend it. If you want to mark up student drafts, ask for them to post revised drafts in your learning management system, which has more robust instructor feedback tools.

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