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Shoutout to Eli Review’s Fall 2017 Users

Eli Review was notes on paper in 2007. A decade later, we’ve welcomed almost 9K student users this fall from 29 returning institutions and 14 new ones. We’re still inventing because instructors and institutions partner with us to improve learning through peer feedback and revision.

Thank you to our colleagues and students. We hope you find us to be good partners in user support, PD, and research.

A Day in the Life of Eli Review

In the US, fall term begins as early as the 2nd week of August and as late as the third week of September. As we head into the middle part of Fall semester here in the U.S., here’s a snapshot of what is happening in Eli today:

  • 8,622 Students
  • 184 Instructors
  • 437 Courses (enrolling at least 5 students)
  • 43 Institutions
Writing Review Revision Plan Re-submit
Count 1948 1214 520 246
  • 3,928 Total tasks
  • 1,948 Writing Tasks (50.0%)
  • 1,214 Review tasks (30.9%)
    • 181 Courses with more than 5 reviews already!
    • 60 Courses with more than 10 reviews.
  • 520 Revision Plan Tasks (13.2%)
    • 5 Courses with more than 5 revision plans already!
  • 246 Revise and Re-submit tasks (6.3%)

Welcome, first-time users! (*Institutional/Departmental Adoption)

  1. Anoka Ramsey Comm Coll
  2. Brigham Young Univ Idaho
  3. College of Western Idaho
  4. Collin County CC – Plano
  5. Colorado State University*
  6. Duke University, Biology*
  7. Eastfield College
  8. North Carolina State Univ*
  9. SUNY at Albany*
  10. Texas A&M University School of Law
  11. Univ of Colorado-Colorado Springs
  12. University of Kentucky
  13. University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
  14. Wayne State University

Welcome back, returning users! (*Institutional/Departmental Adoption)

  1. Boise State University
  2. California State University, Sacramento
  3. East Carolina University
  4. Elon University — check out students’ Twitter reflections in Jessie Moore’s PWR class
  5. Fairleigh Dickinson University, College at Florham
  6. George Mason University
  7. Gordon State College
  8. Idaho State University
  9. Kennesaw State University
  10. Michigan State University*
  11. Montcalm Community College*
  12. North Idaho College
  13. Oregon State University
  14. Pacific Lutheran University
  15. San Francisco State University
  16. Singapore Management University*
  17. Southern Utah University
  18. Texas Tech University
  19. Univ of Arkansas-Main
  20. University of CA-Santa Barbara
  21. University of North Texas – Dallas
  22. University of Rhode Island*
  23. University of Vermont*
  24. Western Michigan University

K-12 Partners

  1. North Muskegon High School*
  2. Spring Lake High School
  3. Royal Oak High School*
  4. Okemos High School*
  5. Laguna Blanca High School*

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